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Southwind at Lake Tahoe Homeowners Association



17th Annual Homeowners meeting October 1, 2022 at 930am

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Southwind Pool closing for the season Sunday October 2, 2022 (Weather Permitting)

Updated Southwind House Rules
The Southwind House Rules Committee has updated the Southwind House Rules and they were officially approved by the board May 15, 2021. They are available HERE. It is recommended that you review and download a copy and print a copy to have in your unit. It is each homeowners responsibility to be aware of the House Rules, as any fine for a house rules violation by a homeowner or guests/visitors is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Do not overload dumpsters. The dumpster lids must be closed or the trash hauler will charge the association an overage charge. When a dumpster has reached capacity, please find another dumpster that is not overflowing. The dumpster located at the lower gate is generally only partially full. Please compact and cut up cardboard boxes. Items overflowing or left outside the dumpster that can be traced back to a unit, that homeowner will be charged the extra overage charge.

IMPORTANT Payment Booklets
There are some homeowners that are still requesting printed Homeowners Dues Payment Booklets to pay their Southwind Homeowners dues. Costs of printing and mailing these booklets have steadily increased each year and homeowners requesting Homeowners Dues Payment Booklets will be charged the $18 cost. There is a no cost way to pay your dues via direct ACH withdrawal from your bank account. Monthly direct pay saves you and the association mailing costs. For more information please contact the association office: bridget_hensel@acrirlty.com 814-352-3072.

Southwind Vendor List
If you are looking for contact numbers for various servicesand vendors for your home please check our vendor list.





Only two FOBS will be issued to each townhouse in Southwind.

A copy of the Rec. Center and Pool Access Agreement (FOB Agreement) is available for review at Entry Fob Agreement and Southwind Homeowners Handbook and House Rules

Homeowners Please note: The Southwind management company, Acri Realty, Inc. is at the Rec. Center office at Southwind. The official mailing address is: Acri Realty, Inc, 150 Lakeside Trail Champion, PA 15622. The phone number is – 814-352-3072.

Note: Previous meetings/newsletters can be found on the Meetings page.

9th Annual meeting Summary September 12, 2014 and complete meeting Slide presentation.
Message read to homeowners from board at 9th Annual meeting on Construction Issues

How to obtain resale forms when selling your home in Southwind

-GE Dishwasher recall. Please get the model and serial numbers found on a label inside the dishwasher on the left tub wall then goto http://www.geappliances.com/products/recall/dishwasher_2012/ and check if it is recalled. Not all are recalled, but if it is, dont use it as poses a fire hazard

Somerset County Real Estate Records are online. Click here (Note: To find all Southwind units, in the search field for Map Number enter: S27-045 )



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