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IMPORTANT:Dear Southwind Homeowner,
Due to technical difficulties, the new FOB entry system at the Southwind Rec. Center has not been activated. Please continue to use your current magnetic key cards for the next couple of weeks. Our new anticipated activation date for the FOB system is scheduled for December 6th. We apologize for the delay.

The new FOBs are currentlyy ready for pickup in the management office at the Rec. Center between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. daily. Two FOBS will be issued to each townhouse in Southwind. A homeowner must sign the Rec. Center and Pool Access Agreement before receiving their FOBS. Please note that only a homeowner can pick up FOBS and sign the Agreement. You will receive a copy of your signed agreement and a copy of the revised House Rules/Handbook along with the FOBS.

If you rent your unit or just want to limit access to the pool/exercise area of the Rec. Center please let us know and we will adjust your FOB(s) accordingly.

A copy of the Rec. Center and Pool Access Agreement (FOB Agreement) is available for review at Entry Fob Agreement and Southwind Homeowners Handbook and House Rules

Carol A. Sosko, Agent Acri Commercial Realty, Inc. 814-352-3072

11th Annual meeting Saturday 17th at 10am slides , Lake Tahoe Dam Emergency Action Plan , Southwind Homeowners Handbook and House Rules , Entry Fob Agreement

10th Annual Meeting September 19, 2015 slides

Homeowners Please note: The Southwind management company, Acri Realty, Inc. is at the Rec. Center office at Southwind. The official mailing address is: Acri Realty, Inc, 150 Lakeside Trail Champion, PA 15622. The phone number is – 814-352-3072.

Note: Previous meetings/newsletters can be found on the Meetings page.

9th Annual meeting Summary September 12, 2014 and complete meeting Slide presentation.
Message read to homeowners from board at 9th Annual meeting on Construction Issues

How to obtain resale forms when selling your home in Southwind

-GE Dishwasher recall. Please get the model and serial numbers found on a label inside the dishwasher on the left tub wall then goto http://www.geappliances.com/products/recall/dishwasher_2012/ and check if it is recalled. Not all are recalled, but if it is, dont use it as poses a fire hazard .

Somerset County Real Estate Records are online. Click here (Note: To find all Southwind units, in the search field for Map Number enter: S27-045 )

Your board has also created an initial set of Rules and Regulations for the Rec center; and a Release and Wavier of Liability Agreement for parents. In addition we have created a Rec Center RENTAL Rules and Regulation Document using the feedback we received at the 2008 Homeowners Annual meeting.


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